Working Capital - Loans & Lines of Credit

Businesses need funds to finance marketing, inventory, payroll, receivables, import/export and  operating costs of the business operations.  We have several approaches to fund these requirements. 

Some of the programs are:
  • Financing of receivables
  • Arranging a line of credit for operational expenses
  • Import financing
  • Inventory financing
  • Contractor purchase order  financing
  • Insuring receivables
  • Loans against letter of credit/bank guarantees

Distinguished Team of Experienced Advisors


BPF business financing consultants are uniquely qualified to assist you. Specifically, BPF team members have:


Industry Experience: BPF financing consultants have worked with clients in every major industry, and over 100 specific industry verticals and have launched, grown, and raised investment capital.


Client Portfolio: We have developed business financing and marketing strategy for clients ranging from early stage ventures. As a result, we recognize the unique needs of organizations at each phase of their growth.


Market Research Capabilities: BPF market research team routinely conducts customer, competitive, and industry market research to uncover new opportunities for growth.


Team Excellence: BPF consultants have launched and grown companies, raised capital, served in senior management and operating executive positions, and earned advanced degrees from top universities.


Action-Oriented Focus: BPF ensures that our marketing and business financing plans are realistic and actionable. We carefully construct timelines and road-maps to assess the resources and finances required to achieve your goals.


Pricing: We are comfortable working with any size company and our pricing reflects the necessary scope and detail of each engagement. As an entrepreneurial-minded firm, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer world-class service at affordable rates.


Our collaborative team environment ensures that each client benefits from the experience, strong working relationship with other venture capital groups and financers, as well as insight, and knowledge of our team.

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