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Since 1992, BPF Solutions has provided capital structuring and capital sourcing services to more than 500 businesses.  BPF's unique capitalization services and highly experienced team in global markets, enable us to expertly complete engagements with exceptional results and client satisfaction.  



BPF Solutions Group's mission is to be a leading provider of business financing advisory and capital sourcing services for start-ups, small and medium sized enterprises, middle market organizations, and Fortune 2000 companies persuing growth and entrepreneurial initiatives.



Entrepreneurship is our philosophy and our passion. We believe that all companies — big and small, domestic and global, across industries — must embrace a flexible, entrepreneurial mindset and ethos to compete and win in the 21st Century global economy. The speed of business has never been greater — it is imperative for all business owners and business leaders to rapidly identify, validate, articulate and act on growth and change initiatives, thus leading their businesses to success.

Our Focus

Management Team

Fateh S. Chohan


President &

Managing Director




Cell: 416.276.0070

  • Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) looking for financing between $100,000 and $20,000,000.

  • Companies with revenues of less than $50M considering merger, acquisition, expansion and/or divesture.

  • Industries: Construction, Consumer Products, Health, Environment, Import/Export, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Retail, Tourism, Transportation, Wholsale and Service-based businesses.

  • Stages of Business: Both startups and established.

Nisha Ghei


VP of Operations




Cell: 416.578.6566

Why BPF Solutions?

  • Experienced- More than 20 years experience helping SME's in various industries solve capitalization issues.

  • Professional- Independent consultants, our goal is to maximize benefits for our clients.

  • Knowledgeable- Understand credit, and requirements of various lenders in the market.

  • Credible- Testimonies from completed projects, trust and confidence of our existing clientele. Quick to determine what kind of financing is appropriate for your business project, and help you obtain the necessary funds.

  • Established- Very well represented with most sourcesof capital, commercial mortgage lenders, private equity and venture capital.

  • Package Deal- At BPF we offer, Consultation / Analysis / Professional Representation and Financing of Projects.  Provide expert consultency for future expansions and preparation of business plans.

Our Guarantee

"You get funded or we don't get paid."

  • Our fee is based on performance.

  • Other than out of pocket expenses, the retainer is returned in full if we do not perform as per our business agreement.



Donna Katz, Owner

Genesis Gymnastics


“I would like thank Greg, Fateh and Maree at BPF Solutions for all their efforts!”

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2010 - present

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